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What are the challenges that must be faced to start a successful e-commerce?

Everyday dozens of web agencies and marketing experts grant astonishing results to businesses. Miraculous marketing campaigns that will bring tons of visualizations and likes.

Reality is very different though. In fact a lot of these people don’t have the slightest idea on how to manage a business, on how a product has to be sold, on how you compete on the market and manage relations with clients.

The challenges that must be faced to reach success online, as well as the activities to be carried out, are often multiple for both emergent and consolidated brands.

Among the most important are management, storage and digitization of the catalog.

Before being published on a website, a product must be digitized with fast and well performing standard procedures. This includes the creation of product data sheets, attributes, categories and color/size variants.

Another cost and time consuming process is the creation of videos and photos of fashion products. This process is necessary for online selling and it requires a high professional preparation for the production of high quality material, for the management of videos and shootings and for the choice of models, a wide workspace for the set and a professional instrumentation.

Goccia Group, with its over 20 years of experience, combines all these processes in a standardized and tested method, which allows us to publish a product online in less than 12 working hours. In this way costs are cut down and productivity is increased.

Da maggio 2016, inoltre, è entrato in vigore il regolamento generale sulla protezione dei dati
Furthermore, since may 2016, the general data protection regulation (EU regulation 2016/679), better known as GDPR, has come into force. This regulation consists of both a necessary conformation obligation for the site as well as a significant cost for the adaptation of the data protection system within the company and the systems connected to it. In addition, to be in accordance with the law every e-commerce must have terms and sales conditions and a cookie policy which are both valid and constantly updated.

Other burdensome complexities must be added to what has already been mentioned (including many hidden costs), like the acquisition a team of professionals who develop the business and don’t waste resources, the identification of the market and the right target audience, the choice of the site technology and a clear marketing strategy that protect prices and margins and creates customer loyalty over time. An e-commerce specialized logistics, a customer care which is properly prepared for customer management and a marketing division that directs the company in the right direction, with clear and easily scalable objectives which are affordable for each individual project are required to reach this last but fundamental objective.

Even if all these activities are carried out in a workmanlike manner like any self-respecting business, even an e-commerce needs a continuous performance and profit margin analysis, statistics reports on clients database and on economic results. This team makes use of the support of the financial accounting team.

From their evaluations, while being assisted by the marketing, we decide which strategy to apply for the success of the project.

We hope it is clear that, when we talk about e-commerce, we don’t trivialize the subject with a simple “website production”, but behind our work there is a complex, organized and collaborative organization.

Goccia Group has experience in management of sales volumes while respecting existing accounting principles and regimes With the entry into force of the OSS (One Stop Shop), our business has rapidly adapted by mechanizing the channeling of sales flows for the country of destination of the shipping In small words, the partition of distant sales in UE and in the rest of the world is easy and automatic!

Goccia Group’s team of professionals is organized and specialized in the following sectors:

  • Logistics and Storage
  • Customer Care
  • Shippings
  • IT Development
  • Graphics
  • Photos and Videos
  • Marketing
  • Webmaster
  • CRM and Marketing Automation
  • Legal aspects and privacy
  • Statistics and Accounting

Save money and resources

Our knowledge, our experience and our instruments, all at your project’s disposal.

Conquer the right target

To identify the right target audience to which communicate is the foundation of every business.

Create brand loyalty

Keeping your clients over time and not leaving them to competition will be the key to success.

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We will perform a commercial analysis on the potential of the brand or product.


In depth study of all legal aspects and GDPR compliance.


From factory to digital: all steps to put a product online.

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Our specialized logistic center is acknowledged as an “Amazon Prime Logistics” because of its premium performance standards.

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A team of experts dedicated to the creation of fast and easy to navigate e-commerce websites.

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Thanks to the automation that we perfected over time we can retain the customer and monitor their progress.

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Our marketing team will study and develop the best advertising strategy for your brand or product.

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Our team of photographers and video makers and a 120mq set for lookbooks and e-commerce pics production

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We manage over 250 shipments every day with the best European couriers. We offer local refund in 7 European nations.

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The satisfaction of our clients represents the real strength of our service. We are active 24/7.

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Performance and profit margin analysis, statistical reports on clients database and on achieved economic results.

SPRAYGROUND has chosen GocciaGroup as its e-commerce partner in europe

Since 2021 our group has developed the online presence in Europe of the international brand sprayground through e-commerce channels, marketing campaigns and social ADV.


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If you want to sell on europe’s best marketplaces, find out our all-in one solution zhero

If you want to sell on europe’s best marketplaces, find out our all-in one solution zhero

Goccia group is the bridge company toward international markets through digitization and distribution of the catalog on all of Europe ‘s most important marketplaces. Thanks to our unique calculation algorithm, we are able to position products on the reference market while protecting prices and margins.