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Today there is a vast choice of international marketplaces from which one can buy: from general marketplaces like Amazon to more fashion oriented ones like Zalando.

Some of these marketplaces have millions of subscriptions and thousands of purchases every day.

Marketplaces can therefore allow sellers to exploit their popularity to reach millions of potential customers.

In Italy, according to studies, 45% of e-commerce activities  state to sell on marketplaces; among these activities, 55%  sell  on 2 or more marketplaces, , while 30% sell on only one platform.

This is the reason why businesses must do an accurate analysis of what,where and how to sell before signing up on a marketplace.

It is true that marketplaces are widely used, that everyone knows them and that being signed up on them offers a lot of important advantages, but it is also true that sales don’t come by magic.

Every marketplace hides a lot of difficulties and imposes high quality standards on sellers.
Furthermore, a seller may not be accepted if it doesn’t match to strict evaluation criteria, which vary from one marketplace to another.
For this very reason dozens of sales accounts are banned everyday. In fact they do not respect the strict performance standards.
Every seller is constantly evaluated for the quality of its adverts, for its shipping, return and refund times and for its customer care (some marketplace require that the seller respond to every customer’s question within 24 hours, 24/7 and in local language).
Some fashion oriented marketplaces oblige the seller to offer customers free shipping and return. Some others require the use of couriers that are selected from the marketplace itself and the express shipping. This shipping, differently from the standard one, has a significantly higher cost.
Everytime a sale is successfully completed, every marketplace retains a flat referral fee on each order and also a fee on potential refunds from the seller’s payment. Some marketplaces require a flat fee on every product category, while on others the fee varies according to product’s price and category.
Understanding the application of these fees on sales is fundamental because these fees, alongside expedition costs, are a heavy burden on the seller and if not well analyzed and monitored, may completely cut down every profit margin.
Especially in the case of fashion brands (but in truth for every type of product) the creation of cards with product details and a set of pictures is required.

Regarding this aspect, having standardized, fast and performing procedures for the digitization of the catalog is fundamental.

This includes entering specific attributes on the product card, like materials, origin country, categories or size/color variants.

Pictures must also meet with specific characteristics like the model’s pose, the background color, the size, the position of the objects and the number of pictures.

That’s why picture creation is also a crucial process for the sellers in terms of time and costs. This process requires a high professional preparation for high quality pictures production, shooting management and deciding on how and if to shoot on models, ghost mannequins or bright cubes. To fulfill all of this a wide set and a diversified and expensive photographic equipment is necessary.

One of the most important parameters for marketplaces is the seller’s ability to fulfill 100% of the orders while avoiding “warehouse holes”. The maximum annulment rate tolerated is often only 1%, and after that the account gets reported and often banned.

That is why it is necessary to have cutting edge IT tools which are directly synchronized with the platforms, without having too many intermediaries for the data exchange. The acquisition costs of ready to use technologies is an additional expenditure which has to be considered in the management of the marketplace.

API are considered the best technology for integration with a sales platform. API (Application Programming Interfaces) are interfaces that allow applications to “speak” with other applications. They are at the base of various applications, services, websites, devices. These IT structures allow direct,uninterrupted,fast and safe data exchange between your management system and the marketplace.

But considering the complexity of the technology, it is necessary to entrust the development of integration to professionals. This is another heavy cost to be paid by the seller.

But if on one side, as we have said before, many hardships have to be faced by businesses to sell on marketplaces, on the other side, there are multiple positive aspects:

  • Potentially infinite sales opportunities: millions of potential clients searching for your product. “Market visibility” is exploited to attract customers, there are no marketing costs.
  • Defined sales fees: sales fees are defined but be careful of margins on every sale and hidden costs
  • High credibility: Being in a marketplace, while respecting quality standards, allows to acquire relevance over time. But be careful! In the case of new accounts a lot of years of work and positive feedback are required.
  • International visibility: you can easily sell worldwide, but it is often required to have a local office for returns.

Goccia Group, with its over 20 years of experience, wants to stand as a bridge company to international markets through digitization and catalog distribution on all the best European marketplaces. Thanks to a unique in the world proprietary calculation algorithm, it manages to position products on the market while protecting prices and margins.

We want to help fashion brands and distributors to automate digital,commercial, distributive and logistic processes to an international level.

In addition to being already integrated with the best european marketplaces, Goccia Group also has agreements with couriers that are requested by the platforms, as well as a logistics network in various european nations.

Goccia Group has experience in management of sales volumes while respecting existing accounting principles and regimes With the entry into force of the OSS (One Stop Shop), our business has rapidly adapted by mechanizing the channeling of sales flows for the country of destination of the shipping In small words, the partition of distant sales in UE and in the rest of the world is easy and automatic!

You cannot land on a marketplace without having a structure which is organized, fast and performing in every sector.

Goccia Group’s team of professionals has been organized and specialized for years in the account management on various industry marketplaces and can help you to sell from day one, thanks to the following divisions:

  • Digitization
  • Logistics and Storage
  • Customer Care
  • Shippings
  • IT Development
  • Active and internationally relevant sales accounts
  • Marketing
  • Photos and Videos
  • Statistics and Accounting

Save money and resources

Our knowledge,experience and instruments at your project’s disposal

Conquer new markets

Expand your sales network in all Europe and on all the best industry marketplaces.

Defend prices and margins

Our algorithm allows to select products that guarantee the best profit margin.

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From factory to digital: all steps to put a product online



Our specialized logistic center is acknowledged as an “Amazon Prime Logistics” because of its premium performance standards



A network that allows us to publish the catalog on the best european industry marketplaces with the most advanced technologies



We manage over 500 shipments every day with the best European couriers. We offer local refund in 7 European nations.



The satisfaction of our clients represents the real strength of our service. We are active 24/7.



Our team of photographers and video makers and a 120mq set for lookbooks and e-commerce pics production



Performance and profit margin analysis, statistical reports on clients database and on achieved economic results.

Zalando has chosen goccia group as it development partner

In 2022 our group developed the ZSS API service for Zalando SE, in addition to acting as an unique beta tester in Europe

In 2022 our group developed the ZSS API service for Zalando SE, in addition to acting as an unique beta tester in Europe

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Are you a brand and do you also need an e-commerce website? Discover e-Fashion

Are you a brand and do you also need an e-commerce website? Discover e-Fashion

Developing an e-commerce website, making marketing campaigns, making photos and videos of products, shipping orders and making customer care, with Goccia Group all of this won’t be neither a problem or an obstacle to the growth of your business anymore!