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Are you looking for a job?

Don’t click on “send your cv” so fast, because you may not want to do it anymore after reading this.

We are looking for a salesperson who is also responsible for the satisfaction of our client.

In fact, this is not  the usual recruitment announcement that you may read if you are part of the vast group of people that are looking for a job.

A job that should be the one of your dreams, a job that should fit with your personal abilities or simply a job for which you spent years of university. A job that thrills, that allows you to grow with it.

But if you’re looking for an ordinary job, a job that makes you wake up demotivated and unfulfilled because it’s not what you aspired to or it’s not what you were looking for, I invite you not to send your candidacy.

We introduce ourselves: we are Goccia, a company that works with fashion, we have two physical stores and a clothing and accessories e-commerce for man and woman.

To support our e-commerce we have an 800mq logistics and a 250mq office. Our logistics performs operations of critical importance and is the backbone of the entire company.

The products that we buy directly from national and international brands with which we collaborate will not simply end up in the warehouse of the store, but in a dedicated logistics whose purpose is to digitize products.

To digitize means to upload an article on our software, which is internally developed by our IT team, and add multiple attributes and characteristics in multiple languages to every single product.

Afterwards, the product leaves the loading stage and enters in the photography room. In the photography room we have our models, to whom our photographers take highly professional pictures. In the photography room, materials and image content are produced that you can view on our social networks, on the totems in the shop windows of our store or on the paper marketing materials we produce

Every article follows a scrupulous and detailed routine.

A real production line, at the end of which the product could take two different routes: it will be sent to the physical stores or stowed inside our logistics and destined to the online sale that is carried out both on our e-commerce platform “Goccia Shop”, and especially on the various international marketplaces with which we are partners.

Among our most prestigious partnerships there is the one with Zalando, of which we are the only ones in Italy, and among the very few companies in Europe who signed an agreement of which we are extremely proud. Or to be considered as PRIME logistics by Amazon.

Do you know that when you buy an article on Amazon Prime it probably is ours and it is shipped by our logistics and not (as everyone thinks) by Amazon’s warehouses?

As I was saying, being passionate about fashion is an important pre-selection requirement for us.

You wouldn’t send your CV to a company which is looking for an electrician if you have a hard time screwing in a lamp.

Do you love shopping? Do you love to look at the showcases? Is your wardrobe full of clothes that talk about you and that are not things that you bought only to satisfy your primordial instinct of “covering up”?

If your answer is YES, then you can continue to read, otherwise I already tell you that you’re wasting your time.

Now, if we were in a normal job advertisement, I should already set the first boundary and look for an experienced salesman.

But in this company is not the experience that makes the balance tip, I ask for much more instead.

I ask you to take all that you think a salesman does and forget about it.

I ask for determination and desire to learn.

I ask you to have a quick and active mindset, because we are in a state of perpetual movement, we are a company that experiments, a company that leaves the old road for the new without fear. Sometimes we succeed, some other times, we roll up our sleeves to correct our wrong choices, learning from our errors.

In the end we are a young company, but I’m talking about age, as we are an historical company with 40 years of experience.

We are young in the minds of the people that “lead” it and in the people that work for us.

This company is managed by people that use their heart, their head and their hands, and that’s what we are looking for. That’s what we use and that’s what we want to find in the people who work for us.

If you think that you ‘ll find an employer who gives orders from his desk, you are wrong. In this  company the director obviously directs and controls but be sure that he will be the first to work with both hands and head.

I already told you that I don’t care about your experience in the sector, because I’ve imposed two far more important boundaries: your passion for the sector in which we work, fashion, and your desire to learn.

Now I will impose a third one.

Not in order of importance obviously, in fact is important as much as the other two:

We define this company as a “client-centric” company.

A relationship of trust must be established with every client that crosses the threshold of our store or that calls our customer care for an online assisted sale.

This person is not just a number counted by the people counter at the entrance. This person is like Queen Elizabeth.

Every person that enters the store is like Queen Elizabeth for us.

ou must use the same concern that you would use for Queen Elizabeth herself for every person that crosses the threshold of the store.

A greeting and a welcoming smile are the base that we take for granted. These aren’t requirements, they are only necessary to click on “SEND YOUR CV”. If you don’t have them, then forge about it, let’s not waste both our time.

Every client must be welcomed and satisfied as if that person is a dear person for you. Assistance is our priority.

I you finish reading, will show you how we will give you the tools to do all of this, to welcome the client in order to make him feel special. But if you are not an extrovert in the first place, if you have a hard time starting a friendly and natural conversation, adapting to the different types of clients that you may meet and solving problems with a smile, this isn’t the job in which you would feel comfortable.

We’ve reached the fourth fundamental step.

You will work in a shopping center, and I believe that you already have found yourself walking in these places in the weekend. You may have also complained about the lines at the supermarket checkouts or in the store in which you were about to enter to buy some clothes or some present for someone who you love. And most of the time you may have done that during the weekend and not because you love chaos or elbowing your way between crowds, but simply because these days are the only ones in which you can take some time for yourself.

Statistically, people shop during the weekend and flock to stores on Sundays and Saturdays.

These are the busiest days, and therefore the most profitable days: If you want the free weekend, I’ll tell you already that this job isn’t fit for you.

We are looking for people who can achieve the goals we give them, that can take decision in a game that must be always played with maximum effort.

You may think that we are demotivating you, we are, because we want to be sincere. We want that when you hit that button that sends your cv, you are absolutely sure of it. That’s because both your and our time are precious, and we both don’t want to waste it.

What will you find in our company?

Our goal is to take what everyone does and….do it differently. Not better; but in a different way. Our goal is to look for what people don’t do and….do it!

From this uniqueness of ours, various projects were born:


Excellence must be sought, nurtured and cultivated. You may think: “What they are talking about?”. Many companies create structured retail training courses.

These, in fact, are the basis of their strategy to seek ever higher performance in their sellers, especially in terms of sales.

No, no amazing training in hypnotic sales techniques. We talked about the trust that must be established between the seller and the customer.

We will never seek to sell  something more that what the client needs but however, to do his job in a proper way, a seller must instead never sell less that what could be useful to improve the client’s situation.

Our internal training academy, which is included in your working hours, (yes you got it right, you are paid to increase your knowledge) emphasizes not only knowledge on the “technique” of the products, but also in giving the customer a shopping experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Every week you will attend to lessons that will allow you to study:

  • Colours. By learning the characteristics of colours such as temperature, saturation, brightness or intensity, we will be able to explain to the customer all the tricks for creating harmonious looks. We will then be able to dare in combinations, at least as far as the client in willing to go. You will learn that, often, the renunciation of colour in the outfit arises from the fear of leaving the house with “messy” combinations, consisting of colours  that, instead of harmonizing with each other, clash with each other.  And the fear of not knowing if what I wore is chromatically correct always makes us run into monotonous combinations.
  • We will analyze how to use garments and colours to make our body look more balanced and harmonious.
  • We will use the most known optical illusions and bring them to the world of clothing.
  • We will adopt the style strategies and camouflage techniques to get closer to the proportions we want.
  • We will use all those tricks that will allow us to dress and no longer cover ourselves, in an attempt to hide that part of the body that makes us most uncomfortable.

Your body shape training will allow the customer to have a unique, precious shopping experience. You will be able to advise him on the garment that best suits his natural physical characteristics.

Knowing your body shape means opening the wardrobe and getting the outfit right, even with a blindfold over your eyes.

Knowing your body shape means not buying a garment in the hope that it will miraculously fit us just because it is fashionable or because an influencer wears it.

Goccia does much more than dress its customers, it educates them to shop thanks to its sellers. It educates  them to make decisions on the outfits that will best enhance their body shape.

Your mission will be to offer the consumer an excellent experience, demonstrating competence in identifying individual needs and presenting a solution to the problem he proves to have.

You will work as you grow, day after day.

All this will allow you to increase your cultural background and  every day will be richer in information learned than the previous one. We grow together, welcoming with inclusiveness all the young people who knock on the door and who will be accompanied by the seniors, step by step.

Through this service, which we are able to offer to customers in our hinterland, it is ourselves and not any courier who deliver the package that the customer purchased on our “Goccia.shop” site.

And we do it within the day.

We want each package to have maximum assistance and attention and we can only obtain this if we ourselves take care of each step of the online order.

From this desire to be different another project we are really proud of was born: GOCCIART.

A personalized garment is a unique garment, as unique is the person who wears it. Our customer artist will best express the  customer’s personal taste and style with a completely hand-painted denim garment.

But this project could not stop at denim and so we have extended it to two of the iconic garments of all generations: the t-shirt and the sneakers!

What you wear is a way to express yourself and we want to create, with your imagination, the shoe of your dreams. Our customizations will speak about you in an unmistakable way.


Behind every idea there are people who got involved and never stopped studying.

Every marketing initiative is  designed at the table and does not depend on how one gets up in the morning.

A team of young geeks, as I call them jokingly, creates ideas every day by studying a quantity of statistical data and developing marketing proposals that will then be used both offline and online.

These are projects that need a team that accepts and welcomes every challenge with enthusiasm.

The objectives shared with all the staff are our way of existing and feeling unique.

It is teamwork that drives every new activity.

And our desire to experiment and do, breaking the classic patterns in which every company that sells clothing moves, is the result of a proposal that we are trying to make more and more innovative and unique. And if you don’t know how to work in a team, this company is not for you.

Besides, you will find a solid and structured company, a family that knows how to listen to you and take into consideration your positive and negative feedback.

All people bring their skills in a stimulating and constantly evolving context.

You will find a friendly and informal environment where you will never be just a number. Regardless of your role, you will be a backbone, an essential element. Because the growth of this company is the result of the extraordinary work that all the people who have chosen us do.

What we want is not to choose people, but to have people who consciously want to work with us. We want to be chosen by you. If that’s what you want.

GOCCIA  is looking for people who can grow, think, dream and create.

It is a young and highly technological company.

Our staff is qualified and highly specialized and, as seen, we will give you all the tools to fulfill all business objectives and to possess, through our training academy, all the requirements we ask of you.

4 people created Goccia in 1982.
48 people today are part of this family.
Dedication to work is what characterizes us.
We are ready to always improve and never stop.
Now you can click on “send your CV”.
Start your journey with us!


N.B. Fill out all questions carefully. This will take you about 20 minutes. Only upon their completion will your application be analyzed.